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Community outreach and educational programs are a part of the mission of Serenity Memorial Chapel and Serenity Memorial Funeral and Cremation Service, LLC.  For we believe that we are the people that we serve.  Our President, Mr. Gerald T. Johnson supports community events and educational programs and encourages his staff to participate.  Please feel free to inform us of other events that we can possibly support.




                                                                 2016 Sista Strut – St. Louis, MO

   The “Serenity Struters” will be supporting the Annual Sista Strut   
   Breast Cancer Walk, Saturday, October 1, 2016, at the Soldier
   Memorial Park. Th
is is our second year participating in the event.

   Sista Strut is the largest walk of its kind in the nation to support    
   women of color and most of all with an effort to support the
   community of St. Louis with over 8000 people in attendance.
   All of the contributions raised for the excellent charities Sista Strut
                                            supports remain here and benefit women in St. Louis.